Maestro 12 Ratchathewi

Maestro 12 Ratchathewi is beautiful from the inside out.



Maestro 12 Ratchathewi is beautiful from the inside out. Every square inch has been prepped as a canvas for accentuating lines. Every unite features a large opening for a maximized view without compromising on your privacy, while its rooftop facilities are designed to help you unwind. It’s also located in a prime location that makes transportation convenient.


Feel the Warmth

The contemporary design concept concurs with classic and modern, Britain’s noble traditions.
The mood of the building play with warm color scheme of cream mocha crumble and autumn brown aluminum.

Designed for Perfect Living

The Mood of the building play with cream mocha crumble color, scheme autumn, brown aluminum and ocean green glass unifying theme.
The quality of the architecture arises from the interplay of mass and transparency, below the entry lobby is designed to welcome.


Sky fish tank Pool                              Reading Lounge                                 Fitness                      Karaoke Room                        BBQ and Party Conner                  Sauna & Steam Room

DEVELOPER                                                         LAND AREA                                                  LOCATION

Major Development Estate Co.,Ltd.                       0-3-55 rai                                               Soi Petchburi 12   


PROJECT TYPE                                                     LOCATION                                                    UNIT TYPE & AREA                                             *PET FRIENDLY CONDOMINIUM

Low-Rise 1 tower                                             Soi Petchburi 12                                        1 Bedroom26.5 - 40.5 sq.m.
8 storey with 2 1/2 basement car park                                                                             2 Bedroom47.5 - 76.5 sq.m.
124 units                                                                                                                   2 BedroomDuplex 59 sq.m.

                                                                                                                              3 BedroomDuplex 81 - 99.5 sq.m.

20 March 2024

Structural Work 100%
Architectural Work 100%
System Installation 100%

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